EFST addresses a need in the Emotion Focused World and in the world of individuals and groups looking to broaden, deepen, and at the same time simplify the application of Emotion Focused teaching and learning.

EFST emerges out of Dr. Joanne Dolhanty’s pioneering work empowering parents to adopt a significant role in the recovery of a loved one suffering from a mental health problem.

EFST has a simple format, with applications to parents, teens, adults, schools, and a variety of health and mental health contexts. It also has applications that provide the opportunity for therapists to deepen and expand their Emotion Focused skill set and develop mastery in the experiential skills of the emotion focused approach to therapy.

EFST focuses on Navigating Emotions, Enhancing Motivation, and Transforming Relationships.

Learn more about the Emotion Focused Skills Training For Parents Online Course. A series of webinars that teach the core content and skills of Emotion Focused Skills Training as delivered to Parents.

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We have released some very insightful books on topics from theory, practice, and research of an emotion-centered humanistic approach; to a child’s anger and how to manage it.


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