What is Emotion Focused Skills Training for Parents

Emotion Focused Skills Training (EFST) for Parents is an innovative, ultra-simple and quickly effective parent and family support program that facilitates a transformational partnership between families and professionals.

EFST supports parents by empowering them as active, primary agents in guiding loved ones of any age through the behavioural, emotional and relational challenges of everyday living and relating, as well as through the challenges their loved ones face when struggling with a mental health issue, a physical health issue, or any other special circumstances including social and educational challenges.

This is an emotion-processing, skills-based approach that gives parents simple, practical tools that they can implement immediately in their family.

In EFST, parents learn a simple set of tools. These include skills in how to navigate the confusing world of their loved one’s feelings, how to work with challenges in motivation, and how to restore their ability to create appropriate boundaries while also restoring positive, productive relationships with their children of any age, with their own parents or with other family members.

This gives parents an Emotion-Wise Skill NET:

  • Navigate the confusing and often painful world of your loved one’s emotions
  • Enhance your motivation and capacity to support your loved one
  • Transform relationships with your children (whether child, teen, or adult child) and others